Red Flag #3 on Rental Applications

Red Flag #3 – “I work for a family member.” Most of the time someone who “works” for a family member is just making up their income.  The work is unstable, sporadic, and likely to be paid in cash.  Sometimes a potential applicant in this situation will even bring in a signed affidavit from the friend or family member.  The signed affidavit is meaningless.  Anyone can write up a statement, sign it in front of a bank notary, and call it an affidavit. The exception would be someone who works in a family business, as opposed to a family member. For example, if the business is incorporated, employs multiple people, and they get real pay stubs and a W-2 at the end of the year, and has a physical location where the work is perfomed.  A family owned restuarant would fit this description. Check back tomorrow for Red Flag #4.