Full List of Property Management Services

Online Statements and Direct Deposit of Owner Profits – Each owner receives access to an online account portal to view monthly statements for your properties. Net Profits are direct deposited into your bank account.

Accept Rent Payments with Credit Cards and ACH drafts – we make it easy for your residents to pay rent, whether paying in person, online, credit cards, or automatic bank drafts. Text message reminders are sent to residents to encourage timely payments.

Aggressive Lease Up – your rental property will be listed on our local MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, and other online sources, a street sign placed in front of your house.

Income and Credit Verification – Our Houston property managers are trained to pull the actual credit report for each applicant, verify employment, run their name against eviction court records, and conduct a nationwide criminal background check.

Maintenance Requests – poor maintenance is the number one reason residents will leave your rental property at the end of their lease. Residents can enter maintenance requests online, by email, or by phone. Our standard is to repair or correct maintenance problems within 24 – 48 hours.

Eviction Service – if you have a tenant that needs to be removed, no need to hire a lawyer. We can go to court on your behalf. We can acquire judgments and writs of possession against your delinquent tenants, and, if necessary, supervise their forced removal by a county constable.

State and Local Code Compliance – many cities within the Houston area require rental permits and annual code compliance inspections. Our Houston property managers are familiar with these regulations and will keep your property in compliance and the code inspectors off your back.

Experience – the managing broker of RDM Realty has 13 years of experience in property management, in both good times and bad, from Class A to Class C properties, from small to large properties. You can rest assured that whatever comes your way as a landlord RDM Realty has seen it before and can get the job done quickly, pro-actively, and with an eye toward making you money.

Serving Galveston County and the Greater Houston Area – RDM Realty’s professional Houston property managers are ready to provide residential sales, leasing and property management services throughout the Greater Houston and Galveston area.  See our service area.

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