About RDM Realty

Mark C. Brown, Managing Broker for RDM RealtySince 2009, RDM Realty  has provided experienced, pro-active rental property management and home sales. We service League City, Galveston County, and the Greater Houston area.  RDM Realty offers exceptional and skillful real estate sales and property management services, particularly for those who demand a high-level of customer service and want to use some of the latest technologies as competitive advantages.

Mark C. Brown is the managing broker of RDM Realty.  Mark has been active in the real estate industry since 2001. As both an owner and a manger of rental property, Mark will ensure your investment property is managed in accordance with the best practices in the industry in order to maximize your bottom line. Mark will ensure that your home and apartment vacancies will be minimized through excellent customer service both to the landlords and their tenants. Necessary repairs and unit upgrades are scheduled and ordered in the most efficient manner, while residents are kept happy and turnovers minimized with fast attention to maintenance service requests.